want to buys: pokemon edition

i have most of what i want, but i am always looking for a few more.
Interested in::
(all plush are wanted in minky)
-lampent with orange eyes plush
-breloom pokedoll
-custom shiny milotic plush

Kyurem pokecen plush
-Clear hypno kid, those exist right?
-venonat plush
-lugia friends plush
-mirage pigeot plush
-mirage charmeleon plush
-whimsicott pokedoll
-reshiram pokedoll
-zekrom pokedoll
- serperior pokedo
-jakks butterfree plush

Writer's Block: Goodness gracious

Have you even had a moment, an hour, or a day that renewed your faith in the fundamental goodness of humankind?

To point out: 'humanity' is not a singular entity 
I really never lose faith, I know there is evil(though the arbitrary nature of it's definition leads to questions) But I know there is always caring, always love and compassion. and I'm not a religious person at all. THese are simply my beliefs. to further that:
There is no singular enttiy that is 'humanity'. There is no judging us truly as whole. We (for the most part) are all individuals, making our own choices and the like.
I suppose I just have an optimistic nature
 I personally try to be kind and hope that I can change people's lives for the better in some way or another.
If you think me a big damn fool for saying this, or don't believe me at all, o. I'll just say:
I'm sorry and good luck